October Project Update

My proposal was accepted and I have completed the Phase II process. So now I’m just waiting for reasonably bad weather on Mauna Kea.

I’m getting started on my Hyperion model. I have Hyperion almost installed except for the FORTRAN dependencies. In the meantime I’m just mocking up a very simple model which I’ll write about once I can run it.

September Project Update

I got the proposal submitted on August 18th! I will put the full proposal up when I get the chance to add a wiki element to this site

O I narrowband filters are commercially made so I had to give up on that idea.

The primary mirror at the Bennington observatory is having Issues. The coating doesn’t seem to be taking at all. Worst case scenario it has to be repolished. I bet we could get some volunteers at Stellafane to help us out.

Speaking of Stellafane I should get in touch with Wayne again.

Maria Mitchell as been MIA as far a communication. I’m hoping to hear back from Gemini soon so I have something new to tell the MMO Folks.

Official start of the term is tomorrow!


There haven’t been any updates lately since I’ve been busy and tired with paddling. I’ve been reading a lot of fun papers and had another conversation with Bernadette but I haven’t felt up to writing about them. But here is a picture of the boat we paddle in, it’s very cool.

Sprinted a mile today in this. Picture by Joe.