University of California, Santa Cruz, (expected) 2019
Advisors: Jean Brodie and Charlie Conroy
Bennington College (BA), 2013
Advisor: Hugh Crowl

Professional Appointments

University of California, Santa Cruz, Junior Specialist, Summer 2012- Summer 2013
Gemini North, Astronomy Research Assistant, Fall 2011-Spring 2012
Five College Astronomy Department, Summer Space Grant Fellow, 2011
Maria Mitchell Association, REU Intern; January 2010-August 2010


2016 Galaxy Workshop (
2015 Rockport Stellar Population Workshop
2015 IAU, Honolulu
2014 AAS Meeting, Washington D.C.
2013 Thesis Talk, Bennington College
2011 Journal Club, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2011 AAS Meeting, Seattle


Villaume , Conroy, and Johnson. Circumstellar Dust Around AGB Stars and Implications for IR Emission from Galaxies. 2015, ApJ, 806, 82.

Bedell, M., Villaume, A., Weiss, L., Sliski, D., Strelnitski, V., Walker,
G., Williams, J., Henden, A., & Krajci, T., Monitoring Hα Emission and Continuum of UXORs: RR Tauri. AJ, 142 (n.5), 164, 2011

Contributed Author

Pota et al., A SLUGS and Gemini/GMOS combined study of the elliptical galaxy M60: wide-field photometry and kinematics of the globular cluster system. 2015, MNRAS, 450, 1962.

van Dokkum et al. Spectroscopic confirmation of the existence of large, diffuse galaxies in the Coma cluster 2015, ApJ, 804, 26.

Brodie, Jean P. et al. The SAGES Legacy Unifying Globulars and GalaxieS Survey (SLUGGS): Sample definition, methods, and initial results. 2014, ApJ, 796, 52.


Telescope time: NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (2016a), Primary Investigator
Telescope time: NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (2015b), Co-PI/Primary author
Telescope time: Gemini North Observatory (2012), Primary Investigator

Honors and Awards

Whitford Prize, 2016
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Awardee, 2015
Regents Fellow, UC Santa Cruz, 2014
Chambliss Medal Winner, AAS Seattle, 2011
Chancellor’s Award Scholarship Recipient, Commonwealth Honors College, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Commonwealth Honors College Scholar, University of Massachusetts Amherst, September 2010 – May 2011
REU Grant Recipient, January 2010-August 2010

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